PR Definition Past/Present


When I first stepped into CAP 220 Fundamentals of Public Relations honestly I had no clue what to expect or exactly what PR meant. Through the process of blogging and reading the class “Think: Public Relations” literature book I’ve learn more about public relations throughout the semester. The various blogs that I had to write on were things like, Crisis in PR, Ethics in PR, Diversity in PR, and Career Aspirations in PR. With the information that was found while researching for these blogs through the GVSU data base and Google search engine I gained a better understanding of what public relations was really about.

For the section about crisis an article that I found to help me better understand the elements of how to handle a crisis in PR was written by Blythe (2004). In the article he stated “crisis management is the umbrella term that encompasses all activities involved when an organization prepares for and responds to a significant critical incident. An effective crisis management program should be consistent with the organization’s mission and integrate plans such as Emergency Response, Business Continuity, Crisis Communications, Disaster Recovery, Humanitarian Assistance, etc.” Reading up on what those things are help with what is exactly involved in handling a crisis from a PR stand point.

Another thing was the blog done on career aspirations with the PR field. Previously I knew nothing about what kind of careers those who were involved in PR would pursue or be in. Through researching and finding not only the careers in PR but what to do so that you are successful in PR. The first article was by Mary Ellen (2011), on what one must do to be successful in PR. Which listed off things such as thinking strategically, knowing what is your end goal is and how do you get there, seek internships, and many other things were listed. The other article was written by Todd Hunt (2006) in which he talked about the many different careers within PR.

Through these different activities, blogs, and readings my definition of PR from the past at the beginning of class is completely different from my present definition of PR.


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