Diversity in PR


Diversity means being diverse or having a variety. Something for the profession of PR that would be very beneficial is having a very diverse core group, it is essential because of the vast growth within the profession. What this does is it gives PR the edge to see the viewpoints of the different ethnicity, which relates to cultural factors such as nationality, culture, ancestry, language and beliefs. According to Ford (2005) achieving greater diversity with PRSA and the profession is a priority for society. In the article it was explained that diversifying public relations is to understand how African Americans, Asian and Hispanic/Latino PR practitioners feel about such diversity initiatives. The study that was done asked the participants how diversity is perceived in PR. One of the discussion group responders said “corporations and agencies need to lead the way in promoting healthy acceptance of diverse cultures” (Ford 2005).

In 2011 PRSA Chair and CEO Rosanna M. Fisk, had a letter to the editor published in the June 2011 issue of PRWeek which was a response to PRWeek’s May 2011 editorial on improving diversity within public relations agencies (PRWeek Letter to editor, 2011). This letter from Rosanna was basically to reaffirm PRSA’s commitment to increasing diversity in public relations. She also noted “the Society is doing extensive work to educate the business community about the value of diverse communications campaigns” (2011). As it is demonstrated there are efforts to increase the diversity of PRSA and the profession.

In an interesting article by (Holmes 2013) something that jumped off the page was that he doesn’t think PR is headed to a more diverse work setting. He’s been a PR practitioner since 1995, yet feels as if nothing has changed since he began his career. Holmes (2013) said “according to US Census Bureau, African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans will make up 36.5 percent of the US population and have an estimated combined spending power of $3.6 trillion by 2020.  Therefore, it is inconceivable to me how an all-white advertising, marketing or PR firm can, in good faith, believe it is adequately staffed to service global brands whose consumers are increasingly diverse with their own distinct cultural nuances.” This was just interesting to see the viewpoint of someone from a different ethnic background about how they perceive PR and the diversity of the profession.


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